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Is SJW okay to take with xanax and hydroxyzine?

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  • Is SJW okay to take with xanax and hydroxyzine?

    I have been dealing with a severe depression since hot flashes and night drenches began over a year ago. Add to that the heartbreak of watching my mother go downhill from alzheimers and me trying to cope with my serious, very rare autoimmune disease(systemic mastocytosis), being very hard of hearing, living and feeling very alone, and needing to stop my work(therapy!) as an artist/woodturner - this is one hell of a mid-life crisis!!!!!

    My question is: Is SJW okay to be used if I have to be on hydroxyzine and xanax everyday for my disease? I am also on thyroid and zantac. I seriously react to many substances so instead of going on antidepressants, I've started SJW tincture so I can increase drop by drop. I've only taken a small amount, once a day, away from my meds for two days now. If anyone can offer information about contraindications and/or how to get the best results under my limiting circumstances, I would be grateful to hear. Do you know what foods, drugs and supplements would prohibit my using it? This depression is flaring my disease and feels endless and hopeless.......Thanks

    If any women have had menopausal symptom relief from SJW please let me know of that too.
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    I wish I knew the answer but I really don't. Please be careful and talk to someone in the know. I'd highly recommend asking a doctor (or better - a licensed pharmacist) who is familiar with these medications, their side-effects and interactions. Additionally, you can do some background reading before you have that chat.

    Some quick searches on the web revealed:

    Xanax: psyweb med site and some cautions on the company-sponsored site.
    Hydroxyzine: indicates Xanax and Hydroxyzine together can increase your sedation, as does

    Best of luck,



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      Is SJW okay to take with xanax and hydroxyzine?

      Thanks Kelly,

      I think I will stop taking it now , just in case. It is so incredibly frustrating , on top of the depression, to not be able to find a smart, caring holistic MD!

      Your site is fantastic!!!!! Thanks for replying and letting me visit........Carol