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Kira sjw 3rd time round

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  • Kira sjw 3rd time round

    Hello again everyone hope your all well. I'll try and keep this as brief as i can
    I've been on and off sjw for the past couple of years and tried differant brands but found that the Abkit Kira brand i buy off iherb has been the most effective, the only drawback has been the insomnia side effect which prompted me to come off them twice.
    Recently due to increasing social anxiety and stress with home problems i thought i'd give it another shot again and deal with the insomnia as i knew this was an effective brand.
    Problem is i've been taking it at full 900mg dose for a good 3 to 4 weeks now and im just not getting the same effect as i did 1st and 2nd time around.
    It just doesen't seem as strong or consistent enough as it was and every day seems to be differant, my moods have been shifting radically on some days from perky to absolutely miserable.
    Also to note the insomnia side effect isnt as bad. I'm getting sleep, only a measly few hours but when i took it before i barely got any. Ok not gonna complain about getting sleep but just seems to add to the fact it doesent seem to be working as strong as it did.
    I know many sources say to take it for 4 to 6 weeks for full effect but thats not been the case for me. Usually sjw works right from day one for me.
    Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Have they changed the formula for Abkit Kira recently? Or is this just my bodys way of reacting to my constant on and off routine with the sjw?
    ...Well i tried to keep it brief