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  • perika

    Hi, I have been taking SJW for quite a number of months now. I have moved brands from Kira (very good brand) to Perika made by nature's way I think. This brand is supposed to be very high in the active ingredients of SJW. I do find the brand to have a stronger effect than the Kira and intend to stay on it now indefinately. I have recently added in an amino acid L-tyrosine which I have found has increased my 'get up and go' considerably.
    My ongoing difficulty is with getting hold of the stuff at a reasonable price. I live in the UK where prices of SJW are unreasonably high. I am taking a quite high dose at the moment - 1800mg at night which means downing 6 tablets a night for most brands.
    I was put onto a web site in USA 'e-herb' where Perika SJW is sold at a reasonable price. However my recent order of 6 bottles of SJW has still not arrived after nearly 2 weeks leaving me high and dry and having to rely on sub standard 'Tesco' SJW.
    My question is, is it worth a trip to Germany to stock up on a years supply.How would this work? Would I be able to fill up a suit case of the stuff and walk back into the UK or would I be lumbered with lots of taxes etc. Also where could I go that could supply me with a years worth of SJW.
    As you can tell I am feeling slightly worked up about the whole issue and am desparate for a dose of the wonderful Perkia SJW
    Any ideas anyone???

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    Hi ragdoll,

    Oy. What a tough situation - my heart goes out to you. What did you end up doing? My advice would be to give the company iherb ( a phone call. I have always found that company's customer service to be very good. And while I have only ever placed my orders online, I bet you might have some luck calling them and explaining your situation. Then you could place a massive order with them. It may take a while but you'd be set - maybe do 2 orders per year. I sort of do that kind of thing - I order like 14 bottles of pills in one order a few times a year. Good luck. Let us know how it goes!